Melissa Bell-Sheffield


I’m a fitness and nutrition coach with an emphasis on women’s health especially prenatal to postpartum health.

My bachelor’s degree is in Social work and I’ve worked primarily with undeserved female populations and children. Since then I’ve added nutrition certifications, Crossfit and Crossfit kids, and Birthfit to my education.

More importantly, I’m a mom and a birth mom. I love Olympic weightlifting, gardening and charcuterie boards. The go - to color around here is purple forever! LOL

These days, my goal is to just share my own stories and the stories of others with the intention of empowering anyone listening and helping even one person to feel not so alone in their journey. I believe there’s no one right way to live and grow.

Love is the word I go back to the most and it’s something I want to share with everyone around me.

Well, that’s pretty much the basics!! Won’t you enjoy this wild ride with me?!


Mel Bell Sheff