Welcome to Melissa Bell Land

So first, and foremost, maybe I should introduce myself…


I’m Melissa… obviously.

I was born and raised here in Nashville, Tennessee and I have no intentions of ever leaving. At least not for good. As a kids, I hated it here. I couldn’t understand why anyone would move to Nashville. Now as an adult and a mom, I totally get it. Though, I wouldn’t hate it if people would QUIT moving here. The traffic situation is just getting out of hand! hah

I’m the middle of three girls and a true Enneagram 6 if there ever was one!!

I went to a private elementary school that seriously shaped how I view authenticity and religion.

My dad was a drunk and also majorly shaped how I view authenticity in relationships. I still struggle to discern what’s true and what’s bullshit in people.

When I was 14 I had a daughter and placed her for adoption. When I was 25 I had my second daughter with my husband Luke. The way those two love each other is better than I could have EVER imagined. Our adoption story is out of this world amazing. More on this later.

I’ve always know and said I want to change the wold; I just haven’t always known how. I went to school for Social Work and totally intended to practice especially in adoption but I interned in adoption and realized it just wasn’t for me. I legit thought it would be through social work, and adoption. For a short bit I worked with the children’s program of a domestic violence center which was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life and though I never considered myself a kid person, that time may have changed that for me. I also bar tended and worked in restaurants for almost 10 years and even though I don’t have any desire to go back, another fantastic learning experience!! Nothing teaches you hard work and how to treat people like retail or restaurants. Basically, my hobby of Crossfit has morphed in to my job.

beach front.JPG

I found Crossfit in 2013 and never looked back. I had some really great coaches, one in particular who really fueled my love for lifting and turned me on to Olympic Weightlifting. I was able to train through my second pregnancy and go back to Crossfit shortly after birth. THOUGH I wish I’d known then what I know now. From there, I looked to weightlifting even more and started competing in 2016.

After having my second daughter I also started dieting. Not for the first time really, but the first time for real. I started counting macros and worked with a couple of companies before I found Working Against Gravity. And my coach honestly helped me change my life and I’m so so thankful for her and the experience. I started coaching Crossfit in Nashville in 2015 and started a Crossfit Kids program and personal training. About this time, I decided to dive in to any information I could get around exercise and nutrition. I also found Birthfit. I decided to get a nutrition certification and the BirthFit certification after this. And in 2018 I got to see my dream of changing lives start to take place.

My husband and I met in our gym in 2013, and got married in 2014. Marrying Luke was 100% one of those “when ya know, ya know” situations and we definitely wasted no time. Again, more on this later.

Let’s see… what else is there?

I love purple but very specific shades. I have two doggies I love dearly. Gardening is one of my favorite pass times. That’s basically it. I’ll probably share a lot more about what’s here but I wanted to at least introduce myself here.