West Elm Board Round Up

Is West Elm one of those places that’s always having a sale, or am I imagining it? Maybe I just don’t visit their stores often enough. But whatever. Right now they’re having a sale that includes most of their serving trays, platters and boards. Naturally, I decided it was time for a West Elm board round up so that YOU can find the most beautiful boards to go along with all the tasty treats you’re putting together!!

Here’s my four top picks!

Rattan Round Tray - usually $59 but currently $44

I love rattan anything. I don’t know why but I think it’s so beautiful. You might be wondering how you would ever use this in real life, though, because like, how do you clean it? (by the way, you just spray a soft towel and wipe this baby down…) I would just cut some parchment or brown paper to fit the bottom of the tray and then put any wet foods in bowls. This will be great for outdoor entertaining. There’s a little caddy too, that matches so you can put your sweet plates, napkins, utensils, etc. in too!

board rattan.JPG

Petrified Wood Cheese Board - usually $79, currently $59

Ok, I’ve actually been eyeing this one for a while now. I love it because of how the black stands out in a world full of white these days. ugh. Honestly, I just drool over it every time. I love this one for a super simple set up.. a couple of cheeses paired with some great honey, olives and toast. mm! Just add your favorite Scout and Cellar wines and you’ve got the perfect Friday night in my opinion. Honestly though.. brb because I’m headed to buy this now.

a board wood.jpg

Olive Wood Rustic Cutting Board - usually $59 currently $44

This one is such a great basic to have on hand. I love how the food looks and the finish, plus the raw edge let’s it feel a little less… standard. This is one I’d be using in my every day life, wash it, and leave it out on the counter because it looks so good.


Fishs Eddy Cheese Tray - usually $32.95, currently $24

This is for all my bright, vibrant, colorful friends out there! It’s just so fun. I imagine putting a cheese with each color and then matching the accouterments to the colors for fun. And your cheese knife is like your paint brush!! I love this one for spring and summer!


There you have it, friends!! Which one will you be choosing?!