Earth Day 2019


In the spirit of honoring our earth and doing our part to make sure it’s around for generations to come, here are some ways my family has been working to reduce our footprint on the plant.

STAINLESS STEEL STRAWS: We love a straw for iced coffee but in order to a) reduce our exposure to plastic and b) reduce our use of plastic going in landfills, we’ve opted for stainless. Amazon sells a pack of 8 for under $10 which is great! And dishwasher safe

REUSABLE GROCERY BAGS: I’m not gonna lie, I like to have a few plastic bags around to use as small trash bags, but they add up super fast, so I like to resuse paper bags and cloth bags. Plus the hold more and mean I make fewer trips in from the car! Farmers carry anyone?

SKIP THE PRODUCE BAGS: Again, reducing your exposure to plastic. But they’re also pretty unnecessary. A) we need to ingest some dirt, B) your produce should probably we washed anyway especially if you’re buying non organic C) what on earth do you think it’s going to pick up on the way to your house that it hasn’t been exposed to on it’s truck ride across the country?!

Speaking of produce traveling across the country to get to you try…

BUYING LOCAL: Nashville has a farmers market on every corner these days especially in the summer. This makes buying local so much easier. Buying local helps reduce the amount of waste creating getting the product to the consumer and the amount of gas emitted through this process.

BUY PRE OWNED FURNITURE: Obviously there’s a lot of waste involved in new furniture, especially if we’re buying from companies that are not eco concious. Obviously this has it’s ups and downs associated, but buying furniture from safe sources that was pre owned is a GREAT way to reduce your foot print.

and in the spirit of pre owned…

VINTAGE FASHION: Good quality vintage fashion is THE way to go. Fast fashion has a lot of terrible things associated with it, including it’s impact on the environment and very very questionable labor. With ebay, poshmark, tradesy and more these days it’s sooo much easier to buy awesome vintage fashion!

COMPOST: Why are we still throwing our food scraps in the trash when it can easily just go right back in the dirt and make our soil more rich anyway? Seems like a no brainer to me!

REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLES: I can’t say enough how much I love my yetis, but thermoflasks are another great stainless steel option. Reduce your exposure to plastic and use of one use plastic by investing in a refillable bottle. Same goes for coffee cups. This is super easy.

GLASS GALLON JUG: If you’re someone who goes through a ton of water, consider grabbing a super durable glass growler to keep with you through out the day and reduce the amount of plastic gallons we’re getting from the store.

WALKING OR BIKING: Trying to get your 10k a day in anyway? Trying walking wherever you can through your city!

These are just a few to start with! Of course we could fall down a major rabbit hole with this but I won’t drag on. These are my favorite options from this year and I hope they’ll work for you too! :-)