April 2019 Favorite Things

It’s APRIL!!! That means it’s my baby sisters birthday month, it’s officially SPRING, and Easter is right around the corner. And hopefully, all the cold nasty weather is finally coming to a close too! We can only hope. Usually in Nashville, by about April 7 it’s hit 80 degrees and it has no plans of cooling off until college football is far enough in to the season to have some worth while games.

With all the sunshine in my heart and spring pep in my step, here are my favorite things for APRIL!!

  • Getting Nadi on my Honeymoon by O.P.I.

Last month I was majorly loving a neutral shade but I love the spring time vibe from this color! I’ve been rocking it on my toes for a couple of weeks now and I may never go back, honestly.

  • Chicks in the Office Podcast

This definitely my FAVORITE podcast for celebrity gossip. It’s so easy to zone out to. There’s minimal hard hitting facts or things I have to think too hard about, which honestly, I appreciate every now and then. I’ve been listening to Ria and Fran for a while now but they just came out with a second episode every week and let me tell you, I AM HERE FOR IT!!! Keep it coming, Ria and Fran!!

You can listen on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

  • Lavender Arizona Birkenstocks

Y’all, I’m all about a Birk right now and it’s no surprise that this color caught my eye. I know it’s a color and technically not a neutral but you could honestly wear these with so much…. black, white, denim, olive green, gold, and more. I’m in love.

  • Sparkling Pinot Noir from Scout and Cellar

This awesome sparkling wine is super refreshing and giving me all the spring time vibes. It’s from a certified organic vineyard in Chile. The grapes are hand picked, and whole bunch pressed then racked to stainless steel tanks. Fermentation with wild yeasts takes places for several weeks before it’s fermented a second time in the bottle to create bubbles. One of things I’m loving about all the wines Scout and Cellar is bringing us is that they don’t make me feel like total crap. I don’t get a head ache, I can still get up and work out the next day, etc. And yall know I love my wine, so I’m definitely down for this. You can order your bottle below and get free shipping when you order $99 worth of wine. And quite frankly, you’re never going to want to run out.

  • Beauty Counter’s Brightening + Vitamin C facial Oil

omg y’allllllll You need these even though you don’t know it yet. I picked up Beauty Counter cosmetics for the first time in November and I haven’t looked back once. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried. I’ll go in to more detail about everything I’ve been using in another post but for now, you need to know about this facial oil. I’ve been using this every other night under my moitsurizer and my skin has never looked clearer and happier. I’m loving it. It only takes a few drops too which is great. I tend to have oily/combo skin and this still works amazingly for me. Beauty Counter is currently running a 15% off sale too, so this is the perfect time to pick some up and try it out!!

  • “Sucker” by The Jonas Brothers

Ok, hear me out. I would definitely NOT call myself a JoBros fan. I was a little too old for them and none of their songs really ever caught me eye… err ears, whatever. But “Sucker” is a jam! It’s stuck in my head on freakin’ repeat. I’d call it the spring anthem!! Give it a listen. You’ll probably be hooked, too. You’re welcome.

Alright friends, well that’s what I’ve got for you for April. What are your favorite things this month?! I can’t wait to hear!