Kids Board

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Kids Board


So really, all of these boards are a great option for kids events. We all know, no child wants to sit still to eat a whole meal. They want to grab a cracker and then go run around with their friends.

Kids boards will usually include things like…

  • crackers

  • turkey

  • hummus

  • pepperoni

  • mustard

  • carrots and other veggies

  • pita

  • optional mini pizza set up

but of course as with all of our boards they’re completely customizable to fit your event!

Book a Board Today

All boards are completely customizable so let us know what you like or don’t like and anything you just haaaave to have! We’ll come through for ya!

We offer gluten free and vegan options.

We of course try our best to be accommodating to all food allergies. Unfortunately due to the nature of peanut allergy we cannot guarantee our products to be safe for those with a peanut allergy.

You always have the option of borrowing a board and returning with in 24 hours, providing your own board to be used or purchasing a board from us. Please select your preference at check out.

Please order at least a week in advance and list any food allergies or preferences.

Non refundable payment to be made upon ordering.

Please note that we offer delivery to Davidson and Williamson Counties only currently. If you’re outside of the area please schedule a pick up time.