5 No Heat Lunches to Get You Through the Week

Are you struggling with lunch? Is your breakfast game on point and dinner is no problem but find yourself struggling to plan ahead for an on-the-go lunch? We've got your back to get your through the week and keep your lunch game strong!

5 No Heat Lunches to Get You Through the Week


1) Turkey Roll Up with Raw Veggies

85 grams Applegate Turkey + 1 Flat Out Wrap + 20 grams of spinach + 25 grams Avocado rolled in to a wrap

170 grams of sugar snap pears and a side of 12 grams of PB2 mixed with water to dip your peas in

Add mustard to your wrap, or bring salsa for your sugar snap peas if you prefer. Keep cool in your lunch box or in the break room fridge.

38 g protein/25 g carbohydrates/7 g fat

lunch 2.JPG

2) Boiled Egg Sandwhich

2 boiled eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper + 1 slices of Ezekial toast in a half sandwich 

200 grams tomatoes and 100 grams grapes as a side 

Add another egg and piece of toast if you need more macros. Combine the tomatoes with the sandwich if you're in to that combo!

19 g protein/41 g carbohydrates/11 g fat


3) Tuna and Crackers

1 packet of Tuna (2.6 ounces) + 25 grams avocado mixed together with a pinch of salt and pepper

31 grams of Wheat Thin crackers (about 16 crackers) + 100 g tomatoes to top it off

Stack your crackers with your tuna and avo mixture then top them with your tomatoes. This feels like a fun appetizer 

I like a low sodium tuna option here too but that's just personal preference. They make tuna in flavors now too so you can check for those at the grocery store!

24 g protein/46 g carbohydrates/7 g fat


4) Yogurt, berries and granola 

150 grams Siggi's Vanilla yogurt + 200 grams strawberries + 1 tbsp (about 15 grams) of peanut butter + 30 grams granola 

This mixture would be great or breakfast, lunch or even a bed time snack. Combine before you leave the house or take in pieces to the office. 

23 g protein/48 g carbohydrates/15 g fat

5 lunches.jpg

5) Salad in a Jar (or not in a jar, whatever)

85 grams greens + 50 grams apples + 10 grams dried cranberries + 1 tbsp sunflower seeds + 35 grams cooked beets (Love Beets) + 3 oz Chicken

No lunch mix would be complete without a good salad and this is my all time favorite combo with just the right amount of sweet and a little savory. You can mix in some plain low fat greek yogurt, mustard or even just lemon juice, salt and pepper for dressing.

26 g protein/30 g carbohydrates/9 g fat


Let these tasty lunch options keep you moving towards your goals through the week!