What I packed to survive Mexico, not get sick and stick to my macros... mostly

A few weeks ago Luke and I traveled to Playa del Carmen in Mexico for 6 days with his company. As soon as I found out we were going I was worried about the food and water situation. Luke and I both drink more water than the average Joe and in the states we just head to the grocery store as our first stop once we land but this was obviously going to be different. 

I've worked very hard to maintain my current body weight and also make sure I'm fueling properly for the work load I've taken on in training. I knew I wanted to have fun on our trip but I also didn't want to lose all my hard work. I decided to take some food but that kind of..well.. turned in to a lot. Ok a lot still may be an understatement! ha! I ended up packing a whole full size suitcase full of food. Literally. It was food, my body weight scale, and one pair of No Bull sneakers. hahah priorities, right?! I'll say I did not end up needed THAT much but I'm still really glad I packed it all!! 

Normally, I get really excited for the food when we travel but the food at the resort was questionable at best. I ended up eating my own breakfast and lunch every day and usually my own late night snack. 

So here's what I packed....


a bag of oranges, blue berries, sugar snap peas, Flat Out wraps oatmeal packets, cucumbers


whey, collagen peptides, Epic bars, Chef's cut jerky, deli turkey, tuna packets, Siggi's yogurt, boiled eggs, peanut butter powder


Peanut butter, avocado


my favorite seasoning, mustard, pickles, plastic spoons and forks, and travel scale

I have a big Trader Joe's cooler bag that I packed the things that needed to be cold in with a big ice pack and all of those things ended up traveling pretty well. I would definitely leave out the cucumbers, boiled eggs and avocado next time. In reality, I don't typically struggle to hit my fat goals when traveling anyway.. usually I'm easily going over. Plus the boiled eggs don't travel that well (duh, right?) but they were great for on the plane there. The plastic forks and spoons were great though! I've gotten stuck with out the before and definitely learned my lesson!

A note about security and customs: So, I'm pretty sure that you're not supposed to bring fruit and meat back in to the country. That said, any food I brought back was from America anyway and no one said anything to us. I've also heard that any food in your carry on luggage you now have to take out to go through security. Again, I probably at least had jerky and oranges in my carry on and no one said anything to me. So, maybe experiment at your own risk.

All in all, I was so glad to have gone prepared and had what I needed so I was never caught with out enough food or fuel for the day!