The love house farm

We found our home at the veryyyy tip end of 2016. We wrote an offer before we saw it. I want to be buried here I love it so much. I’ve always been torn about whether I wanted to live in the middle of fucking no where or right in the heart beat of the city. Well, I think our home is the perfect middle ground for now.

It’s called The Love House because in the process of inspections when we first moved in, we found some writing under the house probably from the 70’s when the house was built that said “The Love House” so we just decided to roll with it!

The Love house is lovingly referred to as a farm even though we’re FAR from it!! We do have a few acres, a small garden and some chickens and I’d love to see it grow in the coming years. Growing our own food is a priority to me for health’s sake but I also love the practical life skills that come with gardening and raising animals for my child. Plus there’s just something to be said for the time spent outside in nature and in the sunlight. Not to mention, seeing the literal fruits of your labor!! Luke isn’t all about the garden but he definitely hops on board to support me in this goal.

If I was dreaming I’d like to support a community garden type situation to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to those who have limited access to food in addition to being able to support 80% of our personal produce consumption.

In 2018, Luke and I decided to build out the barn that was already on our property in to a Crossfit style gym. While it’s probably not great for resale value, I think it was one of our best investments. This is where I train in Olympic weightlifting. If I’m dreaming, I’d love to take personal training clients here and use this space to support a community of health and wellness for women.

Now for the crazy part. Luke and I both feel a spirit living in our home with us. We lovingly refer to the spirit as Linda. Other people have felt her too and we believe she’s friendly. We mostly joke about her presence but we’re also totally serious haha!